01 DR. ALBAN hello africa
                                        02 WILL SMITH gettin jiggy wit it
                                        03 C & C MUSIC FACTORY gonna make you sweat
                                        04 TECHNOTRONIC rockin over the beat
                                        05 BLACK BOX strike it up
                                        06 ROBIN S show me
                                        07 DOUBLE YOU please dont go
                                        08 PET SHOP BOYS go west
                                        09 2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR cant help my self
                                        10 HADDAWAY what is love
                                        11 MC SAAR & THE REAL MCCOY another night
                                        12 CORONA the rhythm of the night
                                        13 CO RO feat. TALEESA because the night
                                        14 WHIGFIELD saturday night
                                        15 CHER believe
                                        16 ATB till i come
                                        17 ANN LEE 2 times
                                        18 CAPELLA move on baby
                                        19 CULTURE BEAT mr.vain
                                        20 SASH ecuador
                                        21 LA BOUCHE sweet dreams
                                        22 ICE MC its a rainy day
                                        23 BANDIDO i drove all night
                                        24 SCATMAN JOHN im scatman
                                        25 SCANNERS pure
                                        26 GEM i feel you tonight
                                        27 N TRANCE set you free
                                        28 AREA the spirit of area
                                        29 NEW LIMIT smile
                                        30 DIANAS all i need is love

                                         (TIME APROX.;72:26 min. )

                                        MIXSESSION by DJ:CULÉ for 2DJRECORDS